Heroes of Freedom
this site is made to remember the sacrifice of the men of the 91th BG made for our freedom
From 1942 untill 1945 they flew combat missions to occupied Europe
On the cemetery's in Europe there are about 230 men of the 91th BG are buried or their names are on the Walls of missing
In the Netherlands people started after the war to adopted graves of the men who were burried on the cemetery of Margraten
in 1945 about 18000 soldiers were burried over there and before 1950 the family of the killed soldier have tot decide if the killed son,brother have to return for a funeral in the USA
In 1945 with the first Memorial Day the Cemetery of Margraten on all the graves were laying flowers
The people of Margraten and the villages arround Margraten adopted the graves and 65 years later the Dutch people still do to show our gratitude to the soldiers who payed the highest price for our freedom

Since 2004 I adopted 2 graves and one name of the wall of missing in the cemetery of Margraten
Al 3 men were members of the 91th BG
that's how I became interested in the 91th BG
this site contains the story of the men who I adopted the grave of name as much I could find about them and made some other links
The 91th BG lost 197 plane's and about 1000 men were KIA or MIA
if you have information of photo's of the 91th BG and you will made it available for others please contact me

still working to complete the lostlist of the 91th BG witch containes MARC's and E&E reports
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